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In today’s complex business environment, the ability to deliver a persuasive presentation to internal or external customers has become a fundamental requirement.

Persuasive presentations that are Clear, Concise and Compelling differentiate you from the competition and make the difference between success and failure, a sale or rejection, a worthwhile conference or a waste of time.

UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation (UPFRONT) is a hands-on, results-oriented workshop that will immediately impact your ability to effectively influence any audience to take action. You will learn to prepare, construct and deliver presentations with professionalism, authenticity and confidence.

UPFRONT’s Unique Value is a balanced design that integrates the skills of preparation and construction with delivery,

This workshop includes:

  • Techniques to self-manage fears and nerves
  • A presentation planning tool for efficient content preparation and organization
  • Verbal and non-verbal skills of influence
  • Immediate ‘before and after’ changes visible on video
  • Multiple rehearsals of selected real-time business presentations – you will learn by doing
  • Multiple feedback loops to create awareness and foster effective changes in behavior and presentation effectiveness
  • Techniques to integrate visual aids seamlessly


Who will Benefit?

  • Anyone who finds themselves standing in front of an audience
  • Sales people advocating client solutions
  • Sales people sharing capability presentations
  • Managers influencing strategy, goals, decisions
  • Executives facilitating strategy sessions
  • Application engineers and technical presenters

If presentations are something you do regularly, let’s chat about how a few tweaks can bring you comfort and influence the audience into action.

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