“Why does that person not listen?”

“What is he or she thinking – do they not care about anything except work”

“This place used to be fun…”

“Everyone is in such a hurry all the time and I am not comfortable with how fast we are moving, that is when expensive mistakes happen.”

Everyone falls into one of four styles in the work place. All four styles are necessary because of the different perspectives, however you may or may not enjoy conversations or working together.

Social Styles is what I recommend as a foundational workshop in every business or company to cut through the communication challenges. This is truly one of my favorite classes and is a strong foundational course within every organization to improve communication, reduce friction and understand why “others bug” us in the workplace and in our personal lives.

This workshop builds an understanding of the four styles’ strengths and where challenges occur. By comprehending more about others, improvements happen as we work more effectively with others professionally and personally.

Investing in the education and understanding of others causes decreases in conflict, more efficient and effective communications and more productivity in the workplace are the result. Teams become more focused and productive.

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