One Page Business Plan

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How successful have you been at cascading your vision and strategy throughout your team, business, company, organization, or non-profit?
  2. Do all employees know the big picture of where your business is heading?
  3. How do you know?
  4. How do they know?

I help CEOs, Executives, Associations, business leaders, and individuals create simple, clear One Page Business Plans with an accountability dashboard that clarifies focus and accountability for monthly conversations.

“You must make the complex simple, and then you must make it work.” I.M Pei Master Architect

Our process leads to robust conversations, healthy conflict, idea generation, and results in a written, one-page plan that synchronizes thoughts and effort at all levels of your organization.   First, we start with the CEO’s plan. Next, we add the brilliance of your team to build ownership into your plan and how everyone aligns.

We build your plan from the top down. Successful plans executed from the bottom up result in clarity of expectations and direction of all employee’s contributions.

The One Page Business Plan is cloud-based management and results-oriented system that ensures vision and goals are implemented and achieved.

What is on a One Page plan?

5 Categories with tightly crafted, succinct, easy-to-follow language

27 bulleted, targeted sentences to guide your business direction and daily activity

18 accountability dashboard measurements toward the progress of the 27 bullets

An organization with clarity, focus, alignment, and accountability at all levels is on the way to becoming a high-performing one.

The One Page Planning and Performance System gives you one simple place to manage, implement critical initiatives, and achieve much more predictable results across your entire organization.

End your frustration around getting the results you want.

Our system delivers results, increases alignment and ensures accountability.

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