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Life is so funny and so unpredictable! I am grateful as I stand here today, looking back, it is clear how all the puzzle pieces fit together into this tapestry of life I bring to you and your business.

My business experience started early as a self-employed artist at age 14. 10 years performing on stage in local theater, overlapped with 11 years building my sales, customer service and marketing skills in an orthodontic office. Those experiences paved the way into decades of sales and management positions with companies like Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper of Albuquerque, Northwestern Mutual Life, Prudential Overall Supply, and family owned SignArt of New Mexico, and with a consulting firm for four years before returning to self-employment again in 2008.

With decades of successful sales experience; I was hired for a sales position with a consulting company in 2004. Instead of starting in sales, for four years, I traveled across the USA working with large manufacturing companies developing leaders and employees. Ventured 1 mile underground, with a silver mine, keeping safety, vision and values alive between union miners and company employees. Developed the leadership skills within banking institutions and interfaced with a national laboratory developing communication and sales skills.

Today, when we decide to work together, you receive the tapestry of my past and principles from my upbringing.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the philosophies that I bring to my clients today: “Don’t lie, cheat or steal and leave the camp ground cleaner than you found it.”

These childhood principles have become the business values I use every day. I treat your business as if it were my own. When we meet, my intent is to work together and make your business “better than I found it.”

We are ready to tackle tough business challenges like:

  • People did not understand how to work together effectively
  • Sales were complicated and close ratios were low
  • The company’s vision weren’t clear from leadership down through the ranks of employees
  • New managers and supervisors were promoted and were lost on how to shift into management roles
  • Teams were fragmented or fighting

Let’s chat – where are challenges you are wrestling? I’d like to partner with you to take your business to the next level.

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