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Work with Keri on a monthly basis through a structured leadership program to get the most out of our technology and training.

GiANT – Unlocking The Potential of People.

Most teams function at 58% of their potential. You need tools that increase performance for each individual and team.

Being Certified with GiANT Worldwide Keri can help you and your organization using the same tools, training, and software that trusted brands like Delta Airlines, Chick-fil-A, The US Air Force, and many others use to elevate performance across their teams.

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Most Leaders Struggle Because
They Are Leading Blind

Let’s leverage technology and data to uncover challenges buried in your organization and help
you become a more decisive, more effective leader.

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Create Invincible Teams Anywhere, Any Time With A Proven Data-Driven Leadership Process.

Improved Communication

Create communication skills and habits that are healthy and effective.

Better Relationships

Foster the necessary trust and psychological safety to fully support and challenge one another.

Greater Alignment

Ensure everyone knows the vision, how they contribute to it, and what’s expected of them.

Superior Execution

Maximize everyone’s potential and work on the right things to help the organization achieve its goals.

Higher Capacity

Resource appropriately in terms of skills, capital, and people to achieve your goals.

Engaged Teams

Build a team that is passionate about what they do and that looks forward to working each day.

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Take a quick assessment and then invite your team. Each team member will take about 17 minutes to complete some questions, generating insightful data.

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Congratulations! This important data will help unlock your teams potential. With Keri, take a deep dive into the data, what it means, and how it can help you.

Feedback From Business Leaders

Here’s what some of Keri’s Clients Have Say


Worked with Keri to deliver strategic planning to a multi billion dollar B@B company. She was nothing short of fantastic. Her ability to connect with audience, facilitate info groups and to be engaging was outstanding. It didn’t matter if it was seasoned execs, middle managers, or individual contributors….she was amazing. If I were pulling together an all-star team, she’s be on it. Period.

–Mark Winter


Keri is always so positive and insightful. She has a way of delivering the message by empowering you with it, rather than shaming you for falling short. Her energy keeps you engaged, and her methods are proven. She is truly the best business coach and mentor around!

–Kelly Mancha


Keri Stewart has been instrumental in the way I approach interpersonal communications, whether business or personal. She helped me be aware of presentation style and personal empowerment. She is an exceptional coach! She is very highly recommended!

–Michelle Franks


Keri is the best! I have worked with her in both a workplace & professional organization setting. Every time I collaborate with her, I have been amazed by her unique ability to truly understand her client’s goals and to find workable solutions to achieve those goals. She creates tailored programs that truly enhance communication, unity and understanding. If you want measurable results, she’s your person. Plus, she’s full of fun energy! The best in the biz.

–Alexandra Pulliam


Results 4 Business helped me take my technology services offerings to the next level. I sought out the services of Keri Stewart with Results 4 Business to help me prioritize goals, brainstorm fresh ideas, and unlock self-imposed limits. Keri makes sure I am continuously learning, growing, and evolving while offering a dose of honesty when needed. I’m impressed with Keri’s commitment to my success, finding time between our scheduled coaching sessions for quick conversations to help me think through unplanned/unscheduled challenges.

–Sonja Jamilla


Keri has a gift of patience and understanding. She excels at helping you see what you need to see in yourself as she nudges you along the road of growth and personal development. You can’t help but walk away from her feeling lighter, happier and smarter for having spent time in her presence.

–Cynthia Meister


Going through the GiANT Sherpa Leadership Training program with Keri as my coach was invaluable towards my goal of becoming a better leader and developer of others. It was an intensive, introspective, insightful period of growth for me, where I gained self-awareness and understanding for others, and learned skills and tools to come back to again and again in my professional and personal life. Keri is such a thoughtful and supportive guide. I left every session with a smile on my face, fully appreciating the value of those 60 minutes.

–Megan Holubiak

Meet Keri

After a successful career in business development, commissioned sales, training, and coaching, I created Results 4 Business to bring my expertise in these fields to help business leaders and their employees to get the results they want.

As an award-winning international facilitator and presenter, I am regularly requested as a keynote or breakout speaker at conferences. Weaving together life stories and hands-on lessons into powerful takeaway points, I make learning relevant and memorable.
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